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Leftover recipe: Sausage and sweet potato stew

9 October 2014


This stew has leeks and sweet potato and is also flavoured with sage – a herb that goes so well with pork. Sausage and leek go together very well. Sweet potato adds sweetness and colour to the dish.

The stew is quick and easy to make as most of the cooking happens in the oven when you can do something else. It is also ideal if members of the family are eating at different times, as it can be kept warm in the oven. It could also be placed in the slow cooker for a few hours.



  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 medium leeks, sliced
  • 1 large sweet potato, peeled and chopped into chunks
  • 4-6 pork sausages (or 10-12 chipolata sausages or vegetarian sausages)
  • 500ml vegetable stock
  • 2 teaspoons dried sage
  • 2 dessert spoons tomato puree
  • salt and black pepper to taste




  1. Put the oil in a large heavy bottomed frying pan
  2. Add the leeks and fry for a few minutes until softening
  3. Add the sweet potato chunks, stir and cook for a minute or two
  4. Add the sage and tomato puree to the stock
  5. Add the stock to the vegetables and simmer for 10 minutes
  6. Meanwhile chop the sausages into bite size pieces
  7. Transfer to a casserole, (two if you are making both a meat and veggie version) cover and bake in the oven for about 45 minutes
  8. Serve with mashed potato and a green vegetable

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